Swoon Thursday (3)

Swoon ThursdaySwoon Thursday is a fun, sexy meme hosted by the girls over at YA Bound, where we share which quote(s) from our recent read(s) made us swoon – what got our hearts pounding, our skin tingling, and our stomachs fluttering.


The whole time I was reading Make Me by Tessa Bailey, I just kept highlighting section after section because Russell and Abby just make me constantly go “AWWWWWW!” My notes would literally just say “awwwwwwww.” Tessa Bailey wasn’t kidding when she said the final installment of the Broke and Beautiful series was a Feels-a-Palooza.

Russell’s entire body heaved a shuddering breath, then two powerful arms were crushing her against his chest. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t inhale; at least he’d come back to her from wherever he’d gone. “You keep doing this to me.” His whisper was furious in her hair. “Keep almost taking yourself away. What would I have done, Abby? What?”

Another shudder passed through Russell, and it sent realization coursing through Abby. An understanding that this man had made mistakes, maybe he would make even more, but his feelings were real.

Excerpt from Make Me by Tessa Bailey. ebook version: pg. 128.

Admittedly, this is more than a simple quote, but I couldn’t help myself. Russell is just too sweet and so caring. I wanted to share even more, but these feels should be enough to entice you to buy the book yourself!


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